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Technology has made it possible for man to even reach the galaxies, cheating in cards is no big deal these DSTS. And with new gadgets which provide many ways to cheat at poker games, it is basically almost certain that you will win big money by using these gadgets. These card cheating equipment are loaded with the best card cheating software available in the market and they are making their presence felt surely and steadily in the market dedicated to the creation of products whose sole purpose is to provide its customers with hands down solutions to trick in card games and assure that they win in every game they play. There are hundreds of websites and physical shops in Delhi who sell, manufacture and deal exclusively with cheating card software and Playing Cards Cheating Software Price in Delhi is best in the market. To understand how to use a card cheating software, we have to first understand or know how to cheat at cards or what are the tricks to win at cards.

Card cheating tricks :

There are hundreds of card cheating tricks but some of the most practiced tricks can be named viz. sleight of hand by dealer, cold decks, holding out cards, marked cards, invisible marked cards, code marked cards, barcode marked cards, IR marked cards etc. Each of these methods can be adopted to play in games of poker and many other popular games which are played for gambling or betting games like Baccarat, blackjack, texas hold�em, andar bahar, teen patti, maang patta and many more. You will get the Best Cheating Playing Cards Software in Delhi and that will help you to win big in all of these games. These cheating cards software are special tricks used by the players nowadays to cheat at cards.

Ways to Cheat at Card Games:

There are tons of ways but if specifically categorized, can be put into these methods:
1 - Manipulation of the cards in your hand
2 - Sleight of hand by dealer :The cheater learns to arrange a deck of cards in ways so as to deal favorable and unfavorable hands. The dealer bends the corner of the card just enough to peek at its value. If the card is not favorable to him then he deals the card to the person he doesn�t want to win. If the cards are favorable to him, he deals the card underneath it to the next player until the time comes when he can deal the card himself and then he keeps it as a top card. Another variant to this method is called stacking which requires more skill as the dealer will need to stack favorable cards one on top of the other so that with every shuffle you get a chance to win. Subsequently you use false shuffles and false cut to keep those cards in position. Finally you deal yourself, the hand you constructed. A person who is good at dealing with cards in the perfect manner can make a lot of money simply by using his skills at dealing with cards in a most precise and extraordinary way.

3 - Cold Decks: This is the place where the cheater has prepared a deck in advance. At a chosen moment, he will coyly replace the usual deck with the cold deck or the prepared deck. This will give the cheater the advantage of having a winning hand, and usually to give the victim a very good, but not good enough hand. The victim in his over confidence bets everything, and the cheater cleans him out. It is fairly a common way of cheating.

4 - Holding out cards: The player simply removes a card or cards from the deck without anyone�s knowledge on one deal and uses them on later deals to construct better hands than you were dealt. This is another form of sleight of hand trick which is a slightly different version of the original one without the dealer.

Playing cards tricks to win:

It may include illegal information gathering marked cards which will provide with fastest results. You just need to place inconspicuous or invisible marks on the backs of the cards so that you can read the contents of the other players hands while they cannot do so of yours. A slight variation to this technique involves shaving the sides of cards ever so slightly so you can distinguish the important from less important as you deal. Some players will just look into the deck used or hand held by others simply by peeking. That is an old school method of cheating. A variation to this can be the use of mirrors if you have a confederate who can help you peek. Thus, Ganging Up or Collaborating with other players can also be another trick you can use. In a game of all against all, for example in poker, it is better to collaborate with someone who can Buy Playing Cards Cheating Software in India and communicate with you via these methods and both parties win well. Some cheaters just blatantly steal chips by crafty methods so sly that you will hardly be able to understand that they have stolen from you.


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